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Natural Plant Hair Dye

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Note - Product is Available on Pouch or Bottle depending upon stock availability

【Natural Plant Hair Dye】

Fruit color Hair Dying Cream, wash for 10 minutes Easy hair colouring at home, Hair Dying Cream turns gray hair into black hair. No mixing is required. Ready to dye right out of the bag. Convenient and fast, very friendly to the elderly.

【Instant Black Hair Dye】

Our plant bubble hair dye shampoo is easy to use and mess-free. you can use our hair colour shampoo from the comfort of your home and get great colour results in just a fraction of the time. Save a lot of time and money. The bubbly texture ensures even application, making it a convenient choice for at-home hair colouring.


We believe in the power of nature. Our plant-based hair dye is derived from natural sources, ensuring that you avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic additives that can damage your hair. Say goodbye to grey hair with our plant-based hair dye. Achieve a beautiful, even color result while keeping your hair healthy and vibrant.

【Nourishes and Repairs】

Different from traditional hair dyes, hair dye shampoo is gentle and nourishing, replenishing the nutrients the hair needs.

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Natural Plant Hair Dye
Natural Plant Hair Dye

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