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Hey guys, I'm going to do a sale for a bit. We'll probably do it for the next week or two for Halloween. I'm going to be doing a price drop later this month along with everything else we need to do to wrap up our previous donators. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or PM me! I'll be on more after the weekend, but I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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Thanks everyone for voting for us this past month and make sure to vote this next month for more rewards! In total we had reached the third page of .org which isn't a bad start! Here is a list of our top voters and what rewards they won...

1# - SkellyX - Top legacy rank on all servers - 104 Votes
2# - EpicSquirrel26 - Second legacy rank on all servers - 102 Votes
3# - Paska241 -
Third legacy rank on all servers - 94 Votes


We're happy to see that we're staying decently steady after our advertisement. Make sure to vote and if you want a legacy rank or something else cool check out our store, but if you can't that's total fine even voting helps a lot! :)

  • We'd like to announce that our upcoming server Outcasts has been in work in progress for months, but we believe we now can dedicate time working on it more and release by the start of November. We hope to get a slot around that time, so hopefully that will give us a boost for two weeks!
  • We're glad to be announcing we will be removing our current daily reward systems on our selected servers for a new system that will offer coupons, merchandise, and other cool rewards on a daily basis! The more you login each day and play for at least 15 minutes the more you benefits you'll receive.
  • Over the course of this month we'll be working on getting everything setup for us to get a Stripe account for a new payment method on our store. This will help some customers who can't pay with our current methods, e.g. Bitcoin.
  • Miniature Companions are about to join the new store updates as well, and will be quite cheap ranging from only $1 to $4.99 USD. These will just be something that is fun for everyone to enjoy. :)

I've decided since this update post was so close to the update log post I'd just post them on here. If you have any questions or concerns about them feel free to comment about it!

  • We've now made a new system which will store our server logs on our main machine for only 7 days, and then after that we have backups of them on a offsite device.
  • We've added a new casino system to our Skyblock server!
  • We've fixed our island expansions for Skyblock islands!
  • Redstone was patched on Skyblock and should now be working perfectly!
  • We've updated the quests plugin on Skyblock it now starts the first skyblock island challenge for players.
  • We added a new Bounty system for Kitpvp make sure to check it out!
  • We added a new FFA system to our Factions server, but we still need to add a Gapple FFA mode.
  • Make sure to checkout the new Bounty Hunter on Factions!
  • You can now create Factions Warps on the server for your faction.
  • The...